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2020 Legislative Update Week 5: Razing Our Rights!

Floridians right to organize: under siege! Our say in local governments: consumed by big money! Citizens’ voice in our democracy: stifled by the terror of Tallahassee. Week five of the 2020 Legislative Session saw the thrills, chills and terror continue from the State Capitol here in Tallahassee. Get the full picture with the newest episode […]


Thursday Morning, February 13th, the State Affairs Committee Approved House Bill 1 12-7. This Bill is a Blatant Attack on Florida’s Workers. Click here to find your Representative and tell them to Vote No on HB1 An out-of-state billionaire funded think tank has cooked up a new scheme to attack the unions representing our teachers, […]

2020 Legislative Update Week 4: The Legislative Leviathan!

New legislation coming out of Tallahassee is seeking to destroy the rights and way of life that all Floridians hold dear! On the agenda of terror: cloaking our government’s sinister actions from the people, wreaking havoc on our public education system and stealing our voice from direct democracy. Get the details and find out how […]