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2024 Sine Die Legislative Brief

The 2024 Legislative Session is in the history books. The big business special interests, largely sidelined over the past two years by the Governor’s culture wars, were back with a vengeance pushing legislation that will line their pockets at the expense of Florida’s working families. The Working Families Lobby Corps ran a strong program this year with […]

It’s Time to Rise Up!

Florida’s working families are fed up! They are tired of an unresponsive legislature that has done nothing to address the homeowners’ insurance crisis, lack of affordable housing, the crippling teacher shortage, lack of healthcare access and all the other real issues facing Florida’s workers and their families.  The 2024 elections are our time to act […]

SB 256 Update

Updates on SB 256 – Eliminating the Rights of our Public Sector Workers The rule making process to implement SB 256 is underway.  The Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC) is taking on the task of writing the rules that will determine how our public sector unions will operate in this new reality. The Florida AFL-CIO […]