🚨LEG ALERT: FL House to Vote on Union Busting HB 25

The Florida House has put HB 25 on their agenda for this Wednesday, January 24th.

This means the union busting bill that threatens to wipe out Florida public unions and silence the voices of our states teachers, nurses, bus drivers, and many other public servants from negotiating for fair wages and working conditions, will be voted on by this Thursday, January 25th!

The time to let our state representatives know that workers stand strongly opposed to this toxic anti-union bill is NOW. Call (855) 235-2469 and enter your zip code NOW to be connected with your local state representative.

Too many families across Florida are already living paycheck to paycheck, yet Tallahassee politicians want to try and dismantle their union and make things worse for all of us.

HB 25, would silence our neighbors by taking away their voice through collective bargaining and strip them of their right to choose if they want to be in a union or not.

This bill is unnecessary because in Florida it’s already unlawful to force anyone to join a union. Anyone who uses that excuse is misleading our communities.

Make no mistake, this bill is just an attempt by billionaire CEO backed politicians to make it harder for our public servants to come together to advocate for their on the job needs and negotiate to protect their paychecks.

Call (855) 235-2469 to be connected with your state representative NOW. Leave them with the message that you reject this clear assault on workers’ rights and urge them to vote NO onHB 25.