2023 Working Families Lobby Corps Week 1

Coming out of Interim Committee Weeks, the sheer zaniness of the Florida Legislature continued during the first week of Session. Watch our video to see what this crazy cast of characters got up to this week!

2023 Working Families Lobby Corps Welcome

The Florida Legislature is in full attack mode right now and is rapidly pushing policies ranging from the misguided to the absolutely insane. They want to defund public schools, take over local governments, eliminate free speech on our college campuses, censor the press, take away women’s reproductive rights and eliminate the basic rights of our public sector workers. Join our Working Families Lobby Corps activists in Tallahassee to fight back for common sense in the Florida Legislature.

2022 Legislative Session Sine Die Brief

The 2022 Florida Legislative Session has officially come to a close. The Legislature could not pass the budget in a timely manner, so the 2022 Legislative Session was extended until today, March 14th. The legislature adjourned Sine Die this afternoon at 1:03 P.M. 

Below, you will find our official Sine Die report, including information on the key bills facing Florida’s working families and whether or not they passed this year. Click here to download the brief.

Florida AFL-CIO Legislative Update Week 6: Jeers!

For Florida’s workers, making their way in the world today takes everything they’ve got! Unfortunately, the Florida Legislature is decidedly not a place where everyone knows your name. It’s another week of cheers and jeers in the Sunshine State!

2022 Legislative Update Week 4: All In The Legislature!

This week on the Florida AFL-CIO Legislative Update, the characters you know and love are up to their same old antics!

Tune in to Week 4 of our Legislative Update series for yet another laugh-filled look at what’s going on in our State Capitol. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to get involved!