Vote NO on HB 13

TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 6th, an attack on the ability of public employees to fight for better wages, benefits and conditions of employment will be up for a vote.

Call your State Representatives NOW and urge them to stand up for Florida’s workers by voting NO on HB 13. Click here to find your local Florida House member.

If your State Rep is one of the following members of the House Oversight, Transparency and Public Management Subcommittee they need to hear from you TODAY!

🚨Scott Plakon 📞 (850) 717-5029 
🚨Clay Yarborough 📞 (850) 717-5012 
🚨Kimberly Daniels 📞 (850) 717-5014 
🚨Vance Arthur Aloupis 📞 (850) 717-5115 
🚨Alex Andrade 📞 (850) 717-5002 
🚨Bobby DuBose 📞 (850) 717-5094 
🚨Anna V.Eskamani 📞 (850) 717-5047 
🚨Javier E. Fern├índez 📞 (850) 717-5114 
🚨Jason Fischer 📞 (850) 717-5016 
🚨Margaret Good 📞 (850) 717-5072 
🚨Erin Grall 📞 (850) 717-5054 
🚨James ”J.W.” Grant 📞 (850) 717-5064 
🚨Chip LaMarca 📞 (850) 717-5093 
🚨Cary Pigman 📞 (850) 717-5055 
🚨Rene Plasencia 📞 (850) 717-5050 

This bill is devastating to negotiating rights that have been defined by existing collective bargaining agreements. Public employees would now be burdened by using personal leave to sit at the table with management, or have to forego fighting for better terms of employment altogether. 

HB 13 will require all future collective bargaining agreements to omit compensation for union activities, and under no circumstances will these provisions be allowed for public employees in future contracts.

Call your State Representative and tell them to vote NO on HB 13.

We need the Florida House of Representatives to say NO to this attempt to limit our voice in the workplace.