Protect Workers’ Rights: Tell Your Representative to Vote NO on HB 947 and 835!

In this time of crisis, Florida’s Legislature is responding by jamming through legislation that would infringe on public frontline workers’ right to join a union.

House Bill 947, Dues and Uniform Assessments, is part of a national push by billionaire-funded think tanks to make the unionization process needlessly complicated in order to suppress membership. If passed, the legislation would put employers in charge of the membership process for the first time in Florida’s history and prevent union members from automatically renewing their membership. HB 835, Employee Organizations, contains similar but even harsher provisions that single out K-12 educators, university and college professors, and education support employees.

Here in Florida, workers have the freedom to choose whether or not they join a union. HB 947 and HB 835 are government overreach that would unnecessarily insert the government into that decision and attempt to tip the scales against your right to collectively bargain. Working people should be able to make that decision themselves, without interference from the state.

This legislation not only sets a dangerous precedent, it’s an insult to the working people putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our state functioning. Call your representative and tell them to vote NO on HB 947 and HB 835.