Tell Governor DeSantis: Don’t Take Away Vital Relief For Working Floridians!

Governor DeSantis recently announced that he will be ending the federal enhanced unemployment benefits that have been a lifeline for unemployed Floridians.

Florida has some of the worst unemployment benefits in the nation, for those that receive them in the first place, as most applicants won’t receive a dime. Ending the extra $300 a week in pandemic assistance is a slap in the face to working people barely scraping by on these embarrassingly low benefits. Studies have shown that increased unemployment benefits don’t keep workers from looking for work, but instead help keep our local economies solvent. Ending these benefits will pull roughly $700 million in stimulus funds out of Florida’s economy!

Much has been made about Florida’s “hiring crisis” with false claims that people are making more money to stay home than get a job. In reality, the pandemic has made Florida’s childcare, housing, and healthcare crises worse and this is keeping many out of the workforce. It has also reset our labor market with more and more looking for jobs that don’t pay poverty-level wages and could still be dangerous as we continue to crawl out of the pandemic. Most are still looking for steady, safe employment. Cutting these vital, lifeline benefits does nothing in the long run to strengthen our already hammered state economy and won’t force people back to work, just to the food lines.

Ending federal pandemic assistance is a short-sighted and mean-spirited piece of politically driven policy that does nothing to address the long-term issues facing our state and our working people. Join us in sending a message to Ron DeSantis by signing the petition and stand up for our working families.