🚨LEG ALERT: Protect Public School Funding

The Senate is considering legislation that would force school districts to share local referendum money with charter schools. This legislation would undermine the voice of voters who have approved public education funding by passing a local referendum.

Call 855-871-3201 NOW to be contacted to your Representative’s Office and tell them:

  • This legislation will further erode public education funding by diverting funds local voters approved to charter schools
  • The referendums did not include charter schools based on the law when passed, and several explicitly said no local funds would go to charter schools
  • Charter schools do not undergo the same scrutiny as public schools and this legislation will not require them to provide the necessary transparency to show they are responsibly using public money
  • Legislators need to remove this provision and uphold the will of the voters, uphold local control, and uphold transparency and accountability in the expenditure of public funds.

CLICK HERE for a list of Legislators and their Twitter handles. Tweet your Representatives and let them know they need to oppose this legislation!

Call 855-871-3201 to tell your legislators to protect local education funding by voting NO on any attempt to force the sharing of local referendum money.