Florida AFL-CIO Reelects Top Officers at 2017 Convention in Orlando

Orlando – Today, delegates to the Florida AFL-CIO 2017 Biennial Convention unanimously reelected Mike Williams, (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW) as President and Andrew Spar, (Florida Education Association – FEA) as Secretary-Treasurer of the state federation.

The Florida AFL-CIO represents over 500 local unions, 10 councils, and over one million union members, retirees, and their families in the state. Mike Williams, an electrician and Jacksonville native, will begin his third term as President, first elected in 2009.

“I am honored that my union sisters and brothers have given me the opportunity to serve as President for another term,” said Williams. “The Florida AFL-CIO will continue to do what we do best, elevate the voices and shared values of the working people in our great state. Together, we will continue to build on what has become the largest and most successful legislative and electoral programs for organized labor in the South.”

Volusia United Educators President and music educator, Andrew Spar will now serve his first full term as Secretary-Treasurer of the state federation.

“Florida’s union members understand the new heights we have reached as a federation, and the immense work that is yet to be done,” said Spar. “I am thrilled to take on these challenges and ready to deliver meaningful change for all working people in Florida.”