Don’t Let The Senate Steal Our Sunshine: Tell Your Senator To Vote NO On House Bill 997

Reconsideration threat underway, don’t let the senate take this victory away!

Senate Bill 220 has been substituted by House Bill 997, legislation that has already passed the Florida House. House Bill 997 is the House companion to SB 220.

Florida has one of the most transparent state governments in the nation thanks to our sunshine laws. Unfortunately, legislation currently in the Florida Senate, House Bill 997, would limit citizens’ access to our state government. House Bill 997, Public Records and Public Meetings would hide the presidential search process for Florida’s universities and colleges.

Florida’s university and college presidents are some of the most powerful unelected public officials in our state, controlling billions of dollars through college and university budgets. As it stands, the selection process is completely open to the public, giving local communities and Florida’s citizens a voice in the selection of these powerful figures. House Bill 997 would hide the information of presidential candidates until the final phase of the process. The citizens of Florida have a right to know who the applicants for these incredibly influential positions are and have a right to have a say in the process.

Florida’s higher education system has been ranked as the best in the nation, all while having the selection process accessible to the public. This bill would needlessly block vital information from the people of Florida. This will only help the powerful and well connected and will invite political cronyism and corruption into our higher education system. Call your senator and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 997.