Vote NO on SB 7030

TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 20th, SB 7030 will be up for its next vote in the Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee. Instead of properly addressing the needs facing Florida’s teachers, staff and students, this bill is a quick and inexpensive fix that ignores the systemic failure facing our state’s education system.

If your Senator is listed below call them NOW and urge them to stand up for school safety by voting NO on SB 7030.

🚨Tom Lee📞 (850) 487-5020  
🚨Keith Perry📞 (850) 487-5008  
🚨Aaron Bean📞 (850) 487-5004  
🚨Janet Cruz📞 (850) 487-5018  
🚨Ed Hooper📞 (850) 487-5016  
🚨Travis Hutson📞 (850) 487-5007  
🚨Linda Stewart📞 (850) 487-5013
🚨Annette Taddeo📞 (850) 487-5040

If school safety was truly a concern for the Legislature, they would choose to support funding for critical services such as resource officers for every school and a sufficient number of trained mental health professionals. This bill ignores the important role guidance counselors, school psychologists and social workers have in the education system.

Professional educators know, and the voting public agrees, that teachers should not be armed with guns; instead they should be armed with better salaries and working conditions.

Tell the members of the Senate Committee on Infrastructure and Security NOT to arm teachers and to vote NO on SB 7030.

  • Student and staff safety is an issue of the utmost importance; we must address the underlying causes of bullying and violence on school campuses including mental health issues.
  • Florida’s schools are woefully understaffed with average student to staff ratios of 458:1, 1,951:1 and 2,003:1 respectively for school counselors, psychologists, and social workers.
  • The National Association of School Resource Officers says,
    “If a school determines the need for armed security, properly trained school resource officers (SROs) are the only school personnel of any type who should be armed. Our organizations believe that arming educators would cause more harm than good.”
  • Each of Florida’s 67 counties has unique needs, and each county knows best how to invest in ensuring student safety. The legislature must support local control and allow for flexibility in how school safety money is spent.
  • Please oppose any legislation that would allow more guns carried on campus by anyone other than trained law enforcement.
  • The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission presented dozens and dozens of recommendations towards school safety. Arming teachers should be the last recommendation considered by the legislature – not the first.
  • Teachers have a paramount duty to educate our students. They already take on more responsibilities than just teaching – they shouldn’t be asked to handle a firearm to protect their students as well.

Call the Senate Committee on Infrastructure and Security and tell them NOT to arm teachers and to vote NO on SB 7030

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 2

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The Legislature continued their attack on Florida’s future in week two of the 2019 Legislative Session. Thankfully for future generations intrepid activists have been sent back in time to stop the impending apocalypse threatening the state.

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 1

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The 2019 Legislative Session started with attacks on the environment, rights at work and public education. Our only hope for the future lies with the brave Working Families Lobby Corps activists who have been sent to Tallahassee to fight back against certain apocalypse.

🎥 2018 Legislative Update Recap

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The 2019 Florida Legislative Session starts on March 5th! Get ready by signing up to our legislative email alerts program and watching our video recap of the last session.

Heroes! Assemble to watch your highly anticipated 2018 Florida Legislative Session Update finale episode.

Spoiler alert, Rick Scott’s last session as governor was a disaster for working families. Watch as Florida’s workers fight back against corporate tax handouts, and the biggest attack on our teachers, students, and public schools our state has seen in decades. We’d like to thank you for making our update series reach over 200k views this session. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year right here on our website at

“Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world – “No, you move.” – Captain America

Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

Join our dedicated website for Hurricane Michael relief efforts by clicking here or visiting to donate, request relief assistance, and sign up to volunteer.

As residents of the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend continue the immediate work of digging out after Hurricane Michael by dealing with the loss of electricity, needing food, water and basic necessities, the Florida AFL-CIO is working to help provide assistance for both the short and long term for the victims of this terrible storm.

The Florida AFL-CIO has established the Florida Workers Relief Fund in order to provide direct support to union members, community allies, their families, and neighbors. The funds we raise will be used to help purchase the essential items and services desperately needed by working families impacted by Hurricane Michael across the state.

Each dollar we raise will go directly to families in need, with no overhead or administrative costs. The Florida AFL-CIO is tapping our greatest resource, our members, to create a network of workers across the state who are identifying those in need and providing them the support necessary so that they can get back on their feet.

This is an excellent opportunity for your generosity to make a real difference, supporting a program of workers helping workers to help make our communities whole.

Thank you for your support.

2018 COPE Convention

The 2018 Florida AFL-CIO COPE Endorsing Convention convenes Saturday, June 9th. Stay tuned for COPE 18 updates, workshops, and documents by visiting and texting COPE18 to 235246

🚨LEG UPDATE: Florida Legislature Passes HB 7055

UPDATE 6:30PM: In a prime example of how HB 7055 was rushed through the process, after passing the Senate earlier this afternoon the Florida House completed the final passage of this bill this evening. The bill now goes to Governor Scott’s desk to be signed into law.

As we have seen over the last week with the teachers strike in West Virginia, there is power in numbers. HB 7055 is another attempt to chip away at that collective power.

The Florida AFL-CIO has and will always fight for the rights of workers to have a voice in their workplace. There’s a reason why corporate special interests and the legislators they own constantly try to undermine unions. That’s because they know that the last line of defense in protecting our most fundamental democratic institutions like public education, workplace safety, and good jobs with fair wages is a united and organized work force.

Today was a sad day in Florida. Today’s vote pours salt in the wound of last year’s HB 7069 battle but we are confident that the people are waking up to this threat to our most cherished institution and are ready to escalate the fight.

Thank you to the thousands that called, emailed, and visited your legislators over the last nine weeks of legislative session. Your voices were heard, but our legislators still voted against public education and our teachers, and for wealthy school privatization interests in our state.

The struggle to protect our schools is far from over and we must increase our collective efforts in the months to come. Stay active, stay focused and stay tuned for updates in the coming days by signing up for legislative alerts on our website at

UPDATE 5:00PM EST: The people of Florida learned a cruel truth today about the Florida Legislature. They learned that the corrupt forces of school privatization are controlling both chambers of the legislature and members of both parties. They also learned that those looking to profit by destroying education will do anything, especially destroying one of the most effective forces against them, our teachers and their unions.

HB 7055 will shift millions, eventually billions of tax payer dollars from traditional public schools to for-profit interests including private schools and charter schools and silence the teachers and their union who stand in opposition. Four brave Republicans, Senators Hukill, Grimsley, Lee and Young, stood up to these forces and stood strong with public education. That would have been enough.

Unfortunately one Democrat stood with school privatization. Senator Bill Montford voted for the bill. If he would have stood with our public schools and honored the principles of their party, this travesty would not have happened.

Since the bill was amended in the Senate, HB 7055 now goes back to the House for final passage before it goes to Governor Scott to be signed into law.

Before the House attempts to pass this bill again, make sure they hear from you. Use Florida Education Association (FEA) online tool to be connected with your local House member NOW!


🎥 2018 Legislative Update: Week 8

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Heroes! Start off your penultimate legislative update in action by dialing (855) 235-2469 and telling your Senator to vote NO on HB 7055 that is up for a final vote this Monday.

In this update we cover how our villainous Speaker of the Florida House has completely hijacked the legislative process by forcing his hand to push the Senate to pass HB 7001, legislation that would make it almost impossible to close corporate tax loopholes and HB 7055, legislation that would siphon millions of taxpayer dollars to for profit schools and decertify teachers unions.

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” – Batman