🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 9

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The Florida Legislature’s annual assault on Working Families has come to an end. The final week saw a flurry of legislation guaranteeing an apocalyptic future for Floridians, and as the smoke clears the dystopian reality is becoming clear. Check out our final video of the year to see the last minute attack unfold and how the activists form the Working Families Lobby Corps stood strong against the politicians and their big-money friends.

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 8

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Florida’s Legislative Session is winding down, but the attacks on working families are still coming at full force. Committee meetings have ended so the final shape of our dark dystopian future is taking focus. The politicians and their big-industry allies continued the assault on public education, local control and healthcare access, setting up an apocalyptic reality for working Floridians. Thankfully, the Working Families Lobby Corps was there to meet their attack and help preserve Florida for future generations.

🚨LEG ALERT: Protect Public School Funding

The Senate is considering legislation that would force school districts to share local referendum money with charter schools. This legislation would undermine the voice of voters who have approved public education funding by passing a local referendum.

Call 855-871-3201 NOW to be contacted to your Representative’s Office and tell them:

  • This legislation will further erode public education funding by diverting funds local voters approved to charter schools
  • The referendums did not include charter schools based on the law when passed, and several explicitly said no local funds would go to charter schools
  • Charter schools do not undergo the same scrutiny as public schools and this legislation will not require them to provide the necessary transparency to show they are responsibly using public money
  • Legislators need to remove this provision and uphold the will of the voters, uphold local control, and uphold transparency and accountability in the expenditure of public funds.

CLICK HERE for a list of Legislators and their Twitter handles. Tweet your Representatives and let them know they need to oppose this legislation!

Call 855-871-3201 to tell your legislators to protect local education funding by voting NO on any attempt to force the sharing of local referendum money.

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 7

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Week 7 of Legislative Session saw the politicians pull out all the stops in their attack on working families. Political tricks and last-minute amendments were used to be sure the big-money special interests were taken care of at the expense of Florida’s future generations. Public school safety and funding, access to healthcare and our constitutional rights were all under attack, and the Working Families Lobby Corps was there to fight back!

NO Vote on NAFTA

American families have long suffered the consequences of bad trade deals negotiated behind closed doors. We lived the failures of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) when we saw good union jobs shipped overseas. The solution isn’t less trade, but better rules—rules that put America’s working families first.

For over two decades we have demanded NAFTA be renegotiated, but a new multi-million dollar campaign led by the Chamber of Commerce and other industry leaders threaten to write vital worker protections out of the plan once again. We must tell Congress there should be no vote until the agreement includes better wages, creates and secures jobs, protects our environment, and safeguards our democracy.


  • The current text provides more promises than it does concrete solutions. While there are some improvements to the original labor and environmental rules, and new ideas to boost U.S. content in traded goods, these modest changes aren’t enough to ensure working families will benefit.
  • The deal lacks effective provisions to reduce outsourcing in such key sectors as autos, aerospace, processed meat and foods, and call centers. Outsourcing remains a key concern for America’s working families. In a recent example, at the start of February, GM began laying off the first half of an announced layoff of 8,000 U.S. employees—and it has announced the closure of two assembly plants and two transmission plants in the United States and one in Canada, even as it expands operations in Mexico.
  • Some of the revised deal’s rules are even worse than the current NAFTA, including monopoly rights for pharmaceutical corporations that will keep drug prices sky high, and new rules that will undermine public interest protections, such as those that keep workers safe on the job.
  • Rather than accepting that this is the best the three countries can do, we’re urging the parties to go back to the table to fight for an ironclad agreement that working people can endorse and be proud of. That means an agreement that raises wages, protects workers and grows our economy.
  • Working people bear the burden of the continuing failures of NAFTA and its impact on our jobs, our environment, our communities and our democracy. We know the solution isn’t less trade, but better rules—rules that put families and communities first. That has been our goal since day one, and our standard to support any new deal.

Congress should not put the new NAFTA to a vote until working people and our needs have been prioritized in the agreement. There should be no vote on the NAFTA until it has been fixed and working people and our jobs have been secured. That means an agreement that raises wages, created and secures jobs, protects our environment and safeguards our democracy. For more information including a petition to tell Congress NO VOTE UNTIL NAFTA IS FIXED please visit the AFL-CIO’s page on Trade.

To download a flyer please click HERE.

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 6

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We have passed the halfway point of Legislative Session and the attacks keep coming! Watch as the activists in the Working Families Lobby Corps fight back against the continued onslaught driven by big-money interests and the politicians who do their bidding. Our Constitutional rights, public education and school safety were again targeted by the Legislature and working Floridians were there to meet them on the battlefield that will determine our future!

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 5

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The battle for Florida’s future continued in week five of Legislative Session. The politicians have drawn the battle lines and Working Families Lobby Corps Activists were there to meet them head on. Hopefully for the future of Florida they will be able to stand up to the Legislature and special interests looking to bring certain apocalypse on the state.

🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 4

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Week 4 saw the biggest attack on working families so far during the 2019 Legislative Session. This week the activists in Tallahassee faced further cuts to public education, arming teachers, preemption of local ordinances and an unconstitutional attack on our democratic process. Watch this week’s video to see how they fought back against the impending apocalypse this legislation threatens to bring.

🚨LEG ALERT: SB 7096 in the Judiciary Committee Monday, April 1st

On Monday, April 1st, SB 7096 will be heard at 4:00 p.m. in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This bill continues a decade-long attempt to eliminate your ability to amend the State Constitution through ballot initiative.

If your Senator is listed below call their office Monday April 1st before 4:00 p.m. and urge them to stand up for YOUR Constitutional Rights by voting NO on SB 7096.

David Simmons (850) 487-5009
Jose Javier Rodriguez (850) 487-5037
Dennis Baxley (850) 487-5012
Audrey Gibson (850) 487-5006
Travis Hutson (850) 487-5007
Kelli Stargell (850) 487-5022

This Bill will make the already burdensome process of having an initiative placed on the ballot nearly impossible. Of the states which allow for a citizen’s initiative, Florida already has the most difficult requirements to place an item on the ballot and have it pass once there.

Tell the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee NOT to eliminate YOUR Constitutional Rights and vote NO on SB 7096:

  • This bill would limit free speech by only allowing Florida citizens to collect signatures
  • Volunteers must register with the state to collect petitions, meaning they must register to exercise their first amendment rights
  • If a petition collector is ruled ineligible the signatures of the voters who signed the petitions will be ruled invalid without their knowledge
  • The popular vote threshold to pass would increase to a 2/3 majority, not the 60% currently required

Supporters of the proposed changes claim the bill addresses current issues with the citizen initiative process. These pretenses show their true motive is to eliminate the citizen initiative process, not protect our voting process:

  • Fraud is statistically nonexistent in the initiative process, and it
    is disingenuous to use it as reasoning to further erode our constitutional rights
  • The amount of amendments passed by the Legislature, CRC and TBRC outnumber citizen initiatives 3-1, meaning citizen initiatives do not overburden the process
  • Some of the past citizen initiatives have led to rights restoration, homestead exemptions, increased minimum wage and tax exemptions. These are not frivolous amendments and represent the wishes of the citizens who worked to place them on the ballot and those who voted to enact them.

This is an important bill that could have lasting ramifications on the future of our democratic process and constitutional rights.

Call the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them NOT to further erode your Constitutional Rights by voting NO on SB 7096.