Legislative Session 2021: The Future Is Now!

This Legislative Session, the attacks on Florida’s working people continue…..but brave digital warriors are standing up for our rights through the power of the information superhighway!

Join us throughout session as we bring you updates from the Florida Capitol and show you how to fight back as a part of this year’s Virtual Working Families Lobby Corps. This Legislative Session, the future….is NOW!

2020 Legislative Update Week 9: The End Is Here!

This is it! After weeks of all out terror and attacks on the working people of Florida, the Florida Legislature entered it’s final week of Legislative Session.

The week saw last minute pushes by nefarious forces to strip Floridians of their democratic rights, serve giant tax cuts to their corporate masters and further shroud our government from we, the people!

Brave Floridians fought back, stopping the legislature from enacting their campaign of horror and standing up for the working families of the Sunshine State.

Find out more about the ins and outs of this week’s legislative session in Week 9: The End Is Here!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this special report!

Last week, Union Members across the state stood up to House Bill 1. As always, there’s nothing more disgusting than union busting!

2020 Legislative Update Week 7: The Sinister Session!

The Sinister Session continues it’s all out assault on Florida’s Democracy! Big Money looks for another hand out and the Florida Legislature is happy to oblige! Our right to direct democracy may soon be rendered to ashes!

All this and more in this week’s Legislative Update, The Sinister Session, your guide to the horror coming out of our State Capitol!

2020 Legislative Update Week 6: The Destruction of Democracy!


The terror continues in this week’s Legislative Update: The Destruction of Democracy. Tune in to find out the whole story on what’s happening in the State Capitol and how working Floridians are fighting back!

2020 Legislative Update Week 5: Razing Our Rights!

Floridians’ right to organize: under siege! Our say in local governments: consumed by big money! Citizens’ voice in our democracy: stifled by the terror of Tallahassee.

Week five of the 2020 Legislative Session saw the thrills, chills and terror continue from the State Capitol here in Tallahassee. Get the full picture with the newest episode of the Florida AFL-CIO’s Legislative Update: Razing Our Rights!


HB 1 will be heard on the House Floor, Tuesday, March 2nd. This Bill is a Blatant Attack on Florida’s Workers.

Click here to find your Representative and tell them to Vote No on HB1

An out-of-state billionaire funded think tank has cooked up a new scheme to attack the unions representing our teachers, state and municipal workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and other public sector workers. The bill is similar to policies that have been enacted in Alaska (although currently being blocked by a court order) to change the ways in which union members can keep their membership. 

HB 1 will make it far more difficult for all public sector workers to exercise their constitutional right to stay in their union!  


· HB 1 would require dues authorizations to be renewed every three years or upon authorization of a new contract, meaning the union would have to chase down re-authorization forms from members who have no intention of leaving the union.

· After the employer receives a signed dues authorization, deductions would not start until the employer goes on to “confirm with the employee, electronically or by other means, that he or she authorized the deduction of dues and uniform assessments.” This puts the employer in charge of the dues authorization process for the first time in history. Our public sector workers will have an indeterminate period of confusion and fear as they wait for their employer to verify their membership. There is no time frame or penalty for employers in the bill.

Public sector workers understand their Right to Work. This language is intended to tip the scales against membership.

· HB 1 is unnecessary. Florida’s workers NEVER have to join their union. It is their choice and they can cancel their membership at any time.

· HB 1 places a burden on workers who want to be a member in their union. It forces them to reauthorize every three years or upon authorization of a new contract, even though they can already quit at any time.

· HB 1 will create chaos. There are no time limits or other requirements for the employer to confirm the membership authorizations. They can simply ignore the requests for long periods of time.

HB 1 is the product of wealthy out-of-state special interests. The bill does not address any problems in Florida and does nothing to improve the situation for our public sector employees.


Call your Representative and let them know that you stand against this legislation.

Click here to find your Representative and call, tweet and email them against HB 1.

2020 Legislative Update Week 4: The Legislative Leviathan!

New legislation coming out of Tallahassee is seeking to destroy the rights and way of life that all Floridians hold dear!

On the agenda of terror: cloaking our government’s sinister actions from the people, wreaking havoc on our public education system and stealing our voice from direct democracy.

Get the details and find out how working people are fighting back in this week’s Florida AFL-CIO Legislative Update!