🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 1

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The 2019 Legislative Session started with attacks on the environment, rights at work and public education. Our only hope for the future lies with the brave Working Families Lobby Corps activists who have been sent to Tallahassee to fight back against certain apocalypse.

Vote NO on HB 13

TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 6th, an attack on the ability of public employees to fight for better wages, benefits and conditions of employment will be up for a vote.

Call your State Representatives NOW and urge them to stand up for Florida’s workers by voting NO on HB 13. Click here to find your local Florida House member.

If your State Rep is one of the following members of the House Oversight, Transparency and Public Management Subcommittee they need to hear from you TODAY!

🚨Scott Plakon 📞 (850) 717-5029 
🚨Clay Yarborough 📞 (850) 717-5012 
🚨Kimberly Daniels 📞 (850) 717-5014 
🚨Vance Arthur Aloupis 📞 (850) 717-5115 
🚨Alex Andrade 📞 (850) 717-5002 
🚨Bobby DuBose 📞 (850) 717-5094 
🚨Anna V.Eskamani 📞 (850) 717-5047 
🚨Javier E. Fernández 📞 (850) 717-5114 
🚨Jason Fischer 📞 (850) 717-5016 
🚨Margaret Good 📞 (850) 717-5072 
🚨Erin Grall 📞 (850) 717-5054 
🚨James ”J.W.” Grant 📞 (850) 717-5064 
🚨Chip LaMarca 📞 (850) 717-5093 
🚨Cary Pigman 📞 (850) 717-5055 
🚨Rene Plasencia 📞 (850) 717-5050 

This bill is devastating to negotiating rights that have been defined by existing collective bargaining agreements. Public employees would now be burdened by using personal leave to sit at the table with management, or have to forego fighting for better terms of employment altogether. 

HB 13 will require all future collective bargaining agreements to omit compensation for union activities, and under no circumstances will these provisions be allowed for public employees in future contracts.

Call your State Representative and tell them to vote NO on HB 13.

We need the Florida House of Representatives to say NO to this attempt to limit our voice in the workplace.

2019 Legislative Updates Trailer

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Stand up for Florida’s working people with your favorite legislative update series! 

We’re back this year delivering you weekly updates on all of the critical issues affecting you and your family this legislative session.

Sign up for email alerts at www.flaflcio.org, and stay tuned for the first episode next week! Solidarity.

🎥 2018 Legislative Update Recap

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The 2019 Florida Legislative Session starts on March 5th! Get ready by signing up to our legislative email alerts program and watching our video recap of the last session.

Heroes! Assemble to watch your highly anticipated 2018 Florida Legislative Session Update finale episode.

Spoiler alert, Rick Scott’s last session as governor was a disaster for working families. Watch as Florida’s workers fight back against corporate tax handouts, and the biggest attack on our teachers, students, and public schools our state has seen in decades. We’d like to thank you for making our update series reach over 200k views this session. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year right here on our website at www.flaflcio.org

“Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world – “No, you move.” – Captain America

Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

Join our dedicated website for Hurricane Michael relief efforts by clicking here or visiting www.flworkersfund.org to donate, request relief assistance, and sign up to volunteer.

As residents of the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend continue the immediate work of digging out after Hurricane Michael by dealing with the loss of electricity, needing food, water and basic necessities, the Florida AFL-CIO is working to help provide assistance for both the short and long term for the victims of this terrible storm.

The Florida AFL-CIO has established the Florida Workers Relief Fund in order to provide direct support to union members, community allies, their families, and neighbors. The funds we raise will be used to help purchase the essential items and services desperately needed by working families impacted by Hurricane Michael across the state.

Each dollar we raise will go directly to families in need, with no overhead or administrative costs. The Florida AFL-CIO is tapping our greatest resource, our members, to create a network of workers across the state who are identifying those in need and providing them the support necessary so that they can get back on their feet.

This is an excellent opportunity for your generosity to make a real difference, supporting a program of workers helping workers to help make our communities whole.

Thank you for your support.

Call Your Senator. Stop the Shutdown!

Right now, nearly 30,000 federal workers in Florida are being denied work because of the government shutdown. That’s tens of thousands of our friends, neighbors and family members who are making sacrifices to cover their basic needs.

Click here to tell your senator to reopen the government and let Floridians do their jobs.

As the shutdown drags on, workers all across the state are suffering the impacts. Reports show that Florida workers are diving into their savings, renting out their homes, and driving up their credit card debts to pay their bills.

Playing politics with the livelihoods of working people needs to end. Putting people back to work should be the US Senate’s top priority. Politicians need to do their job and allow us to do ours.

Please take a moment to call your senator and urge them to reopen the federal government now.

Florida AFL-CIO Endorses Andrew Gillum for Governor

On Thursday night, the Committee on Political Education of the Florida AFL-CIO unanimously voted to endorse Andrew Gillum for Governor. President of the Florida AFL-CIO, Mike Williams issued the following statement following the vote:

“The over one million union members, retirees, and their families of the Florida AFL-CIO stand united to elect the next Governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum.

For too long Florida’s working people have been left behind by corporate special interests in Tallahassee. We need a Governor that will boldly fight for the issues that affect workers every day.

Raising the minimum wage, making healthcare more affordable for all, investing in our teachers and public education, ensuring the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in taxes and rolling back the decades long attacks on workers’ rights are the only way we turn around a state economy that has almost half of Florida working families barely making ends meet.

Andrew Gillum understands what workers are going through, and we believe he is the bold leader we need to build a better Florida for all working people. Florida’s union teachers, bus drivers, electrical workers, building trades, hotel workers, and all of the members of our state’s labor movement will be hitting the ground running with a laser-focused member outreach program that will build the grassroots momentum to win in November.”

Florida AFL-CIO Statement on SCOTUS Janus v. AFSCME Decision

Following the 5-4 decision reached by SCOTUS on the Janus v. AFSCME case, Florida AFL-CIO President Mike Williams issued the following statement:

“Florida workers already understand the disastrous implications of the Supreme Court’s Janus v AFSCME decision. In right-to-work states like Florida, workers live this decision everyday through a system that not only undermines their freedom to have a voice on the job, but ensures that our state’s workers continue to be paid less, have less access to healthcare, and less opportunities to retire with dignity.

With this decision, SCOTUS has checked off another box on the wealthy special interest wish list. This ruling will continue our nation’s decades long race to the bottom for workers rights, increase economic inequality, and make it even more difficult for America’s workers to make ends meet.

The Florida AFL-CIO with its over one million union members, retirees, and families, will continue to stand together with Florida’s working people who, even when the decks are stacked against them, will continue to join together in unions and fight for a stronger, fairer America.”

2018 COPE Convention

The 2018 Florida AFL-CIO COPE Endorsing Convention convenes Saturday, June 9th. Stay tuned for COPE 18 updates, workshops, and documents by visiting www.flaflcio.org/convention and texting COPE18 to 235246