2020 Legislative Update: It Came From Tallahassee

Florida’s legislative session is here and our state is under attack!

This year we’re back just in time, as positively monstrous threats to working people are coming from our Capitol!

Stay tuned for our weekly updates on the issues, thrills and chills coming out of this session!

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On January 13th: Stand Up for Florida’s Public Schools

Come join thousands of public education staff, teachers, families and stakeholders in our education system as we Take On Tallahassee to fight for a better future for Florida’s students.

The rally will be held on Monday, January 13th, the day before Florida’s 2020 legislative session begins. We’re standing up for the funding that our schools and students deserve, fair pay for all of our state’s education staff, an end to the over-testing of our students and for more local control of our school districts. 

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Florida’s education system and together we will make our voices heard. The rally will begin at 1:30 at the Florida Capitol and will feature speakers from across Florida and the nation, all standing up for our students.

The full schedule, parking information and RSVP details can be found at this link.

This event will send a strong message to our legislature, and your voice will help it resonate even stronger. We hope to see you there.

Working Family Lobby Corps: Your Voice in the Capitol

From the first committee weeks, through sine die, the end of every Legislative Session, Working Families Lobby Corps activists represent Florida’s working people at the Capitol. Those same activists leave the Capitol empowered to take the fight home, spreading the word about how “politics as usual” really works in Tallahassee, and galvanizing their Sisters and Brothers to join the fight.

This year, the union members and citizen activists of the Working Families Lobby Corps will be in Tallahassee once again – every day – to make sure ALL working people in the state are represented fairly. We will continue to be there every day to speak out in favor of workers and WILL be heard.

Click hear to find out how to make your voice heard in Tallahassee