On Monday, March 5th, the massive attack on our states students, teachers, and public schools will be up for a FINAL VOTE in the Florida Senate.

After removing the language from HB 7055 last week, Senators backed by Koch brothers funded corporate special interest organizations like Americans for Prosperity once again added language that would decertify our state’s teacher’s unions to this already terrible education bill.

It’s now or never as this is our last chance to stop this devastating attack on public education in Florida!

Call (855) 235-2469 and enter your zip code NOW to be connected with or leave a voicemail for your state Senator. Urge them to stand up for our public schools, our students, and our teachers by voting NO on HB 7055.

At nearly 200 pages, this massive bill makes almost 60 changes to Florida’s education laws. Many of these changes will divert hundreds of millions of tax dollars to private, for-profit schools, reduces accountability for student performance, and hurts programs for struggling students.

HB 7055 also creates a process that deceptively claims to help victims of bullying in our schools. Rather than focusing on programs that directly combat the problem of bullying in Florida schools, HB 7055 uses this issue as another means to please their donors and expand the unaccountable for-profit private school industry in our state.

Call (855) 235-2469 NOW and leave your state Senator with a message to vote NO on HB 7055. This bill would spell disaster for the future of public education in our state. We need the Florida Senate to say NO to this massive scheme to bully our students, our schools, and our teachers.