2024 Sine Die Legislative Brief

The 2024 Legislative Session is in the history books. The big business special interests, largely sidelined over the past two years by the Governor’s culture wars, were back with a vengeance pushing legislation that will line their pockets at the expense of Florida’s working families. The Working Families Lobby Corps ran a strong program this year with hundreds of union members participating in the process over the nine weeks of Session. Check out our final Sine Die brief for the final status of some of the most important issues we tackled this year. While we weren’t always successful against the big business juggernaut and their cronies in the Capitol, we organized, we spoke out and we fought hard for Florida’s workers and their families. While the powers that be will continue to try and diminish our movement, they will never win and we will always continue to stand up for what is right.  

Download your 2024 Sine Die Legislative Brief here. The brief is a quick look at some of the bills that were tracked throughout the 2024 Florida Legislative Session and their final status.