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🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 3

The massive assault on Working Families continued in week three of Legislative Session, with lawmakers aiming to eliminate public education, school safety, healthcare access and fair working conditions. Watch as the brave Working Families Lobby Corps activists fight to save Florida from certain apocalypse.

Vote NO on SB 7030

TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 20th, SB 7030 will be up for its next vote in the Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee. Instead of properly addressing the needs facing Florida’s teachers, staff and students, this bill is a quick and inexpensive fix that ignores the systemic failure facing our state’s education system. If your Senator is listed […]

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🎥 2019 Legislative Update Week 2

The Legislature continued their attack on Florida’s future in week two of the 2019 Legislative Session. Thankfully for future generations intrepid activists have been sent back in time to stop the impending apocalypse threatening the state.