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2020 Legislative Update Week 6: The Destruction of Democracy!

“FLORIDA’S DEMOCRACY IS UNDER SIEGE! DARKNESS CONTINUES TO SPREAD OVER FLORIDA’S GOVERNMENT! OUR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS SILENCED IN THE NAME OF CORPORATE GREED! The terror continues in this week’s Legislative Update: The Destruction of Democracy. Tune in to find out the whole story on what’s happening in the State Capitol and how working Floridians are fighting […]

Save Our Citizens’ Initiatives: Legislation Seeks To Strip Away Our Voice in Florida’s Democracy.

Last year, the Florida Legislature resumed a fifteen-year push by the big business lobby to shut down the Citizens’ Initiative process for amending the state Constitution.  Between 2004 and 2008, over 100 bills were filed to place legal barriers in place to block initiatives from getting to the ballot.  The time to collect signatures was […]

2020 Legislative Update Week 5: Razing Our Rights!

Floridians’ right to organize: under siege! Our say in local governments: consumed by big money! Citizens’ voice in our democracy: stifled by the terror of Tallahassee. Week five of the 2020 Legislative Session saw the thrills, chills and terror continue from the State Capitol here in Tallahassee. Get the full picture with the newest episode […]